Do you shoot only weddings?

No. we shoot all kinds of photography like kids & family photography, infant photography, pregnancy & baby bump shoot, fashion photography, interior & architecture photography, product photography, industrial photography and also events like birthdays, baby shower, house warming. Mostly we do weddings.


Will you be doing “ save the date” and pre-wedding shoot? If so I have some nice ideas. Can u take the idea and work on it?

Of course, customizing our services for your requirement is our policy and we stand by that.

Who will select the location for pre-wedding or save the date shoot?

We discuss with the couple to understand their liking and requirement, and help them select the apt location. Location doesn’t matter for us, as we have the ability to shoot in any conditions and create good images.


What do you think distinguishes your work from that of other wedding photographers?

Our corporate culture, quality assurance, vast bouquet of services to choose from, research and innovation based services, customized solutions and adherence to high standards brings much sought after professionalism to creative wedding services. We give importance for client’s personal emotions and work according to that, which we consider as our biggest strength. 


How far prior to the wedding should I book your services?

The earlier the better as it helps to plan and we tend to get booked pretty early. The maximum period for which we have booked ourselves till date is for 1.5 years in advance! Typically, booking 3-5 months ahead of the wedding is advised to be on the safer side.


If I book you for my wedding photography, can I request the capture of specific moments and people, along with the rest of your captures?

Yes, You can discuss your necessities with us. We will communicate your ideas to our creative team and photographers.


What will be the composition of your team?

Our basic team will be having one candid photographer, one traditional photographer, one cinematographer and one traditional videographer with two assistants. Additional crew can be provided on clients demand.

What is candid photography? Do you shoot candid style photography?

Firstly, let me tell you that there are many versions for the meaning of candid photography. Few people(who claim themselves as candid photographers) say we like shooting only with the ambient light or the available light without using external lights or flashes, also say we concentrate only on the bride and groom leaving the family, friends and other guests at the event. And deny for group shots which in my opinion can be shot candidly. So now i will explain my version or my style of candid photography. In my opinion candid photography is capturing true expressions and emotions of any person or group present at the event with or without their consciousness also with or without external lights, for which the picture is technically and aesthetically correct. And yes we do candid photography and we are doing it from past 15 years.

Do you also take posed photographs?

We do take posed photographs, it depends on the clients requirement and choice. And we personally believe that posed photographs are also equally important as candid moments.


Do you provide props and photo booths?

Yes we do provide props and photo booths on demand with charges applicable for the same. We also provide with spot printing service.


Do you use drone camera for aerial filming?

Yes on clients demand we use drone camera for aerial filming to add extra value to the wedding memories.


My wedding will have a unique cultural recipe. Will you be able conform to our styles and ceremonies and emphasize on the right moments in the pictures?

Our photographers are experienced in capturing several weddings belonging to different cultural backgrounds. However, if you feel that certain moments or ceremonies should be emphasized, you can communicate to us.

We have shot various weddings in India like Punjabi wedding, Gujarati wedding, Marwari wedding, Christian wedding, Muslim wedding, Kannadiga wedding, Tamil wedding, Telugu wedding, Sindhi wedding, Malayalam wedding, Bengali wedding to name a few. And all types of venues like, Banquet Hall wedding, Church wedding, Palace wedding, Cruise wedding, Gurdwara wedding, Beach wedding, Temple wedding. We enjoy shooting for multi cultures of India.


Will you deliver the pictures in the printed format, like a karizma album-coffee table book? If so, I need both the printed and soft copies. Can u assure that?

Our default format of delivery is, high resolution soft copies.  If you specifically want a printed photobook or coffee table book you will have to specify that during booking and we will include that while providing a quote. Or you can order it later on.

How many pictures will you deliver after the wedding is complete?

We believe strongly in quality over quantity of pictures. We give high resolution images, however, the numbers vary depending upon the events and gathering. We never consider or compromise for number of images. We only try to shoot best of the best.

How much time do you take to deliver the images?

Soft copies will be provided after 10 days after the event. The delivery of the album will be done 25 days after the selection of photos. Videos can be provided after 3-4 months post event.

Can I preview the layouts of album?

We have a truly high end in-house post-production studio due to which we will be able provide you with layout preview and you can ask for any changes in the layouts before going for final printing. This is on personal request. 

How long will it take for the album to get ready?

You will get the album after 15 days of approving the layouts.

Can we choose the songs or music for the videos?

We give importance to our client’s requirements and work according to that. So yes you can choose the music or songs as per your liking.

What are the final deliverables?

We will be providing high resolution soft copy images in a pendrive, and bluray discs and mp4 files(in a pendrive or your hard disk) for your smart tv.

Can you share our teaser and wedding film online?

On our clients request we will share the link of youtube or vimeo, of which you can share on facebook or whatsapp.

How can we communicate regarding album from abroad?

Once you select the photos for album you can share them via dropbox . Or list of selection via mail or whatsapp. And once the layouting is done, we will share the preview via dropbox. Also if necessary we even courier the album to you with actual courier charges.

What will be the length of the teaser and wedding film?

Wedding film will be approximately 5-10 min depending on the events and footages. And teaser will be 1.5 to 2 mins.

Do you also cater to anniversaries, jubilees and other ceremonies like engagements, betrothals and pregnancy celebrations?

We cater to all kinds of events. For events, we’ll charge on a per-day basis. However if you need customized creative media for these events, you have to tell us in advance. we can work for any event that requires special photography services.

What phases of the wedding will be covered by your services? I want complete coverage starting from my engagement, mehendi, sangeet, wedding and reception.

We are open to offering our service for however many days you might need. If you need our service for more than one day, it should be specifically mentioned while booking. We normally charge a “per day” costing – which varies based on the number of days (up to 8 hours of work) desired and you should be aware of how it plays out.

How will the photos, wedding film and videos be delivered?

We will deliver them normally on a DVD/HARD DRIVE(provided by you). We’ll provide all high resolution pics and watermarked low resolution pics in the DVD/HARD DRIVE for your safekeeping and reference. If you need additional formats of delivery, you should let us know beforehand.

How much does your services cost?

It really depends on a number of factors including the services that you choose, We do not sell pre-made packages. All our packages are custom made as per your requirements as we have got a whole lot of exciting services on offer!

Who would own the copyright of the images/media that you create ?

All the photographs that are taken by our wedding photographers and/or are displayed on our website are copyrighted by us. We retain copyright to all the images and will use some of the images on our website and for promoting our work in websites, magazines, contests and exhibitions. In cases, where a client does not want the pictures to be displayed anywhere, they can inform us.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

WE HAVE SHOT WEDDINGS AT MANY DESTINSATIONS ACROSS INDIA LIKE,  Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jodhpur, Daman, Nadiyad, Anand, Raipur.

We want creative photography for only 2 hours in my wedding. Can you provide me a reduced cost?

We work on a per-day basis system. So we avoid taking multiple bookings for the same team during one day. This ensures our commitment to one and only one client at one time. But you contact us atleast 10-15 days prior the event, so that if the event is on our vacant date we will consider doing it.

What is the booking process if I want to book your services?

1. Call us at +91 9825542027 and tell us about your schedule, location, types of services required and the styles for each.

2. We’ll provide you with a tentative estimate.

3. We take 50% of the package amount and the travel charges in advance as retainer and to block our dates – Without this your booking is not guaranteed.

4. We follow a strict first come first serve policy.

Rest of the amount needs to be paid prior to the 1st day of the shoot preferably 15 days in advance.

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